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Rubus of Rose 2021

Danish Wild Ale with raspberries.⁠

The raspberries selected for our Rubus of Rose 2021 vintage come from the same farm in Give, Denmark that we have worked with in previous years, and their 2021 raspberry harvest produced some especially delicious fruit!

We selected a blend of Danish Wild Ales aged in oak for one and two years, and macerated them together with the freshly harvested organic Glen Ample raspberries.

This 2021 vintage is inspired by some of our earlier Rubus of Rose vintages in that we once again went for a very high fruit-to-beer ratio – over 600 grams of raspberries per liter of beer!

Bright fruitiness and acidity are rounded out by the complexity of the base beer, forming a perfect marriage between these special raspberries and our signature Danish Wild Ales.