Mikkeller Baghaven

Opening Hours:

Sun – Thur : 12-22

Fri – Sat : 12-00


For table booking, contact us at: gabor@mikkeller.dk


Mikkeller Baghaven represents the pinnacle of art and science, old-world and new world, primitive and contemporary. It is the result of human influence, microbiology, and environment. Our Rustic Farmhouse Ales are reminiscent of a time when beer was a provision, not a luxury. Our Wild Ales are a product of pure innovation, building on age old traditions and adapting them to a new Danish heritage.

Our tasting room is located in a medium sized retired ship building complex adjacent to the Copenhagen waterfront on the island of Refshaleøen. Here, we house our oak aging vessels of various size, ranging from 225 liter wine barrels to 7000 liter foeders. Cozy and inviting, the space is a perfect gathering place to sample our beers on draft, and purchase bottles to go. Because of their extreme limited availability, Baghaven bottles will be available for purchase on site only at our Refshaleøen tasting room. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for bottle release announcements, food trucks, and other events.


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