6th & 7th Oktober 2017 @ Mikkeller Baghaven


Assembling all binge drinkers! Put your Greatest Schlager hits on max volume and strap on your lederhosen cause MIKKELLER & MAISEL are putting together DAS OKTOBERFEST of the year over TWO days!

Oktoberfest music will make your stomach hunger for more beer while you and a room full of like-minded friends are roaring your best schlager voice to the max.

And YES ! Of course we made the best Oktoberfest beer together with Maisel ! The kegs will be rolling in from Germany, so empty your steins and let us re-fill!

DAS MIKKELLER & MAISEL OKTOBERFEST will be held at Mikkeller Baghaven at Refshaleøen – and busses back and forth from Christianshavns Metro is included in the ticket!

Food is included in both tickets and more food can be bought. WarPigs is making the grub, so bring your biggest German appetite for destruction

The party starts at 7pm and we end the shenanigans at 01:00. We will reserve a seat for you with any of the ticket types.

Ticket types:

#1 “BIER FRAU” 350,– general admission + 1 liter beer + wurst teller

Buy here:

#2 ” BRAUMEISTER” 750,- general admission + oktoberfest beer all night + Schweinhaxe + special glass with your name on it

Buy here:


#1 If you want to sit together, book your tickets under one name otherwise we can’t guarantee that we can seat you together.

#2 If you book the “BRAUMEISTER” ticket, write an email to with what name to write on the glasses

#3 When you arrive you will get tokens for beer and food included in your ticket. If you buy “BRAUMEISTER” you will get a bracelet to get beer all night long.